Vantagepoint REST Queries

This page will show a number of default Vantagepoint API queries for different scenarios. These queries can also be used with the new PassThrough Connector Project (documentation here)

If you want to see more queries please comment on this site and I will try to add as many as I can. At this point I’m focusing on GET commands

Hub Queries

A simple project hub query with a limit of 10 entries:


An employee query that returns a limited set of fields (Id, First and Last Name)


A project query with a limit and a “filter hash”


This query contains two so called filter hashes that allow you to specify query conditions. All conditions with [filterhash][0] belong to the first condition and all with [filterhash][1] to the second.

First Condition: PR.ChargeType = ‘R’

Second Condition: PR.ProjectType = ’07’