Open Source Projects

The Passthrough-Connector Project

While the new Deltek Vantagepoint REST API is secure and convenient, it is sometimes a hassle to set up a valid connection that include the Bearer token and takes care of all the authentication details.

It’s especially tricky when you want to pull data into some data tools like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerBI or other reporting applications.

This is why I started this new PassThrough Connector project that will allow you to define as many connections to different  Deltek Vantagepoint endpoints and then communicate with them via an API Token that can be passed along with the standard REST call.

Vantagepoint REST Queries

This page will show a number of default Vantagepoint API queries for different scenarios. These queries can also be used with the new PassThrough Connector Project (documentation here)

XP Common Controls

One of my first open source projects from 2004: a collection of Windows Forms Control for .net that mimicked the old Windows XP standard controls