Welcome to Steepvalley, Inc.

Who We Are

Steepvalley, Inc. is a consulting company that focuses on creating customizations and integrations of business software (ERP), especially focusing on Deltek Vision, Deltek Vantagepoint and Intuit QuickBooks.


Michael Dobler is the owner of the firm and has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years, covering different roles from app developer to software development manager to principal consultant working directly for Deltek’s custom team.

He specializes in SQL scripting and management, custom reporting, API integrations and support and training for other developers.

What We Do

Courses / Learning

Have you ever wanted to learn to write your own custom report in Deltek Vantagepoint (or Vision) that works as if it was a system report? Or how to create timesheet and expense report validations that implement your company’s business rules? Or did you simply want to learn to use Vantagepoint’s REST API to its full potential?

We can help with all those items, and more, through either one-on-one or small group training sessions. We also offer development support if you get stuck during your implementation.


If you want to integrate your ERP system with other online services but don’t have the time or resources to build integrations yourself, we can help. Let us know what you’d like to accomplish! 

Sample integrations could be:

  • create project folders in MS OneDrive
  • get user information from your Active Directory
  • retrieve and send information to your bank
  • and many more… 

Small Business Support

You are a small to medium sized business but you simply don’t have the bandwidth to hire someone full-time for your IT support? You just need some hours to manage Deltek Vision / Vantagepoint or set up your emails or Office365?

Contact us, we offer the support you need!


Steepvalley frequently works with Rhodium Digital (rhodiumdigital.io), a leading Deltek Partner with staff throughout Canada and Europe.

Together with Rhodium Digital, we offer a full range of services for Deltek Vison and Vantagepoint. These services include:

  • System review & optimization
  • Vantagepoint transition
  • Functional training
  • Cloud migration
  • Data migration
  • Enhanced workflows & automation
  • Customizations (reports, invoices, etc)
  • Integrations to third-party applications
  • M&A consolidations
  • Other general IT services