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It’s been a while…

Yes, admittedly, my recent blog output was not stellar but I have now been locked in my home for a while and it’s time to get going again.

If I just knew what you wanted to see next from this site.  I have been struggling to pick topics that a lot of you would be interested in but that’s not so easy for me. And investing a lot of time in sample codes, presentation (and maybe even videos in the future) that then nobody reads or uses is also a bit frustrating.

So after spending too many hours on YouTube watching creators I admire like Veritasium or Fully Charged I decided that their approach might work for me too. So here we go: I created a Patreon account over at where you can vote for upcoming content. And I will be eternally grateful if you consider to become a Patron of this site.

So please let me know what topic I should pick for September 2020 and I’m looking forward to see you back on my site.


Mike Dobler

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