Flashback to 2004- XP Common Controls (XPCC)

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While I was restarting my website this month I came across a funny fact: there are still sites out there that link to my XP Common Controls Project (XPCC) back from 2004.

Don’t get me wrong, I was proud of my accomplishment. It had over 8000 downloads, got a “Code Hero” award from Microsoft and was part of a published book.
But I never expected this to be still in use after all these years, especially now that everyone moved or at least should have moved to WPF and Windows 10.
But for all of you that still use it I will include it back into my blog and will leave the old .net 2.0 version here on codeplex and since I don’t know how long codeplex will survive, I also set up a new .net 4.6.1 version here on github
The full documentation is here
Also, consider to use Template10 from Microsoft if you want to build Windows 10 apps.he full

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